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After giving birth to my son

Hi all,

After giving birth to my son Zack, i have found out a lot thinks about my self., that

  • I’m very overprotective to anything related my son.

Like my husband take Zack with him so i can have rest (specially , when I’m having bad headache), i can’t take rest at all. I can’t sleep. I do trust my husband but I cant leave Zack alone.

When kids play with him,  I use my husband as excuse as he get angry to scare the kids or Zack wants to sleep just to take my son away. But not all the time, I only do that when i know the kids he is playing with are very bad in playing. Specially when they push him or try to fall him down with there legs so they can laugh.

Sometimes I think it’s one of reasons my son doesn’t wants to stand up alone or learn to walk due he is scared of being pushed. At middle of night, he wakes up crying and screaming like he is scared of something.

  • I don’t like to using same think more then two month. specially baby bottles.

I will add more when i get free time, so sleepy.

Goodnight , Yuna

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Liebster Award


Thank you Rei for this nomination, Check her out Musings of a 20 Something Mom

She is amazing person and she is inspiration and role model to me.

Rules are :

  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 blogs
  • Give them 11 questions to answer
  1. What was your MSN or Online ID and what’s the story about it

Cheena.weena is my first MSN account.  Late grandpa used to call me cheena weena. I love him so much and I really do miss him.

  1. A bad habit you can’t seem to get rid of?

Over thinking, because of it I can’t do anything in my life.

  1. How did you start blogging?

I don’t remember.

  1. What’s your dream job?

A lot actually:

  • Nurse
  • Flight attendant
  • Traveler
  • A Healer in my personal world
  • Black magic wizard in my personal world
  • Student in Hogwarts
  1. Which countries you traveled to so far ?
  • India
  • Turkey
  • UAE
  • Malaysia
  1. What are the products you use for your daily skincare routine?

Nivea face wash and cream.

  1. Describe yourself in 3 words?
  • Bossy, Not anymore shy, I speak up.
  • Truest people easily.
  • Smiling for no reason.
  1. What activities would you consider to be out of your comfort zone?

Not much, because I already done them and I become crazy. Makeup, because I’m so bad at it.

  1. Something you want to do but not allowed to?

Travel alone.

  1. What’s your favorite movie?


  1. Where can we stalk you ? (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc)


My questions for my nominees:

  • What was your childhood nickname?
  • What is your favorite blogger?
  • A bad habit you can’t seem to get rid of?
  • What is the book you have read and watched the movie?
  • What would be your “ride or die” make up?
  • Do you have HARRY POTTER fever?
  • Are you collector (Movies, games, anime, books, etc) and what is it?
  • Where can we stalk you? (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  • If you are in game/anime development, do you want to recreate any game/anime and what is it and why?
  • Is there anyone who inspires you? Who and in what way?
  • Are you sushi lover? Which restaurant you recommend and name your fev sushi?

My Nominees are:

Musings of a 20 Something Mom and Anyone reading this, I would love to see your answers so please link me the post if you decide to do it.

love you all

Noona Yuna

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Inside of baby bag

Hi there,

I decided to shear with you how I organized my baby Zack bag when I go for small trip
I called it the mini Zack bag.

I organized it in my way that fit my baby needs, when I go for shopping or to my family house or small date with husband.

Inside the bag

  • Fixies Diapers:
    • Its French brand and It is only available in Muscat pharmacy.
    • Soft and Comfortable.
    • One issue is there is it finish very quickly, therefor I’m thinking to change it to different brand and available in local stores. but My son skin is sensitive so i need good advice !!
  • Extra clothes.
  • Shoes and socks
  • Mini Wipes
  • Mini dipper cream: I use sebamed
  • Small towel, hand cover and bib.
  • HEINZ FARLEY’S : I prepare it and keep it inside container
    • RUSKS
  • baby formula: i use Aptamil brand, because the pharmacy lady recommend it to us.
  • Baby bottles: and I use ‘giggles’ brand and ‘pigeon’.
  • others :
    • Bottle Covers.
    • Disposable baby bags

Plz let me know if i missing something.

Thank you.

Love, Yuna


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6th of Ramdan 

Hi All, 
6th of Ramdan is special day in my heart ! In this day i have found i was pregnant with my baby Zack. After one year of health problems and trying to have baby. 

My baby Zack is 3 month and 1 week old. Im so in love with him. I cant wait to see him when I returned from work. I love his one side smile. He is the cutest little boy. 

The time really went fast. I love this day alot. 

Love you. 


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First time for everything

Hi my kingdom, 

In this post im going to write about my baby birth and delivery story and how I felt about it. 

As per the doctor, my due date start from 13/2 to 20/2/2017. But I past them all and my baby didn’t come out. So the doctor set me appointment on 26/2/2017 to induce the baby. I did everything at home to induce labor but nothing worked. BTW im staying in mom house due its my first baby and i wanted my mom support if i went to labor. 
On 25/2/2017 around 5:30 AM: As usual Pregnancy issue is going to toilet every 2 hour; i saw A brownish tinged mucus discharge, I told my mom about it around 8:40 AM. She told me it’s early sign of labor. I became happy that i can hold my son any time soon, but I didn’t had any pain until 11 PM when i went to bad, I felt sudden pain in my stomach. I called my mom and i told her that i have wired pain and i want to go the toilet to pee. 

I want to bathroom, brownish and yellow think came out from me. I freaked out and i called my mom and showed her. She told me “we have to go to hospital because its my first time seeing something like that”

My mom called my husband and he came to pick us up. At that time labor pain started.

In the hospital: baby heart beats device was attached to my stomach.

Baby heart beat drops whenever im having contraction. The nurse called my doctor. The doctor requested for snap of heart beat rate to be sent to her mobile. Somehow she reached so fast. She instructed the nurses to prepare me for c-section. The nurses jumped on me and start preparing me for the surgery. I was like “what is going on?! What happening?! ” 

Doctor asked my mom to call my husband (who is waiting outside the delivery room) and asked for his signature on the papers. The way doctor reacted made me scared and confused. I was telling my self that everything going to be alright. 

On 26/2 at 1 AM I was entered to surgery room, I remember i was looking at lights then everything went black.

At 1:30 AM I became mom to little boy. 

As per my mom, my baby went out from surgery room around 1:40 AM and no one was allowed to hold him.

 The doctor inform my mom and husband that if i was little late my baby could if die. During the c-section when they open my womb, they saw the umbilical cord was around the baby due that he opened mouth and drink the womb water. They give him 4 hours that he may not survive. ( i have no idea about it until the evening of the that day, my mom and husband wanted to kept secret but I found out about it ) 

I remember i woke up and i saw mom next to me and she kissed me then i want to sleep. 
I woke up with no voice and asking for the baby and water. Then again i went to sleep. 
It was morning no idea about time, I woke up again and asked for the baby and water but the nurses refused to give water and the baby. Then I asked her to give me my phone and when i opened my phone, my husband sent me pic of the baby and wrote “Congratulations for becoming a mom, I love you”. (When i saw the pic of baby, deep down i was crying because I should hold and kiss him when he came out to the world!!.) 

This time I stayed awake, then i saw nurse (A family friend who worked there in hospital) came to me and asked “how I’m doing? And if i saw my son or not ?!”… I told her “I want my son!!” She went there and spoke to nurses and i saw her holding my baby and he was wearing white with blue stars full suit. She give it to me. I hold him for first time, i was like “oh he is so tiny”. I had mix feelings; happiness, scared and worried. I started crying and kissing him, the nurse was like ” its fine, no need to cry. He is in your arm” . Then she took it from me and told me that we have to returned to nursery room and keep him worm which is good for his health. At same time, my husband came to check on me and he saw the baby and he hold him for first time. To tell you the truth, i was so happy that i was the first one to hold and kissed my son because i was so sad that i saw my son on pic and i was not there for him to hold him when he went out to the world and cried for first time. 

The first night, the give me medicine to sleep. Other than that, every night in hospital i cried silently of what happened but on morning time, i was quite and smiled like what happened is nothing. On 5th day the doctor discharged me around 7 AM but i have to go out at 6PM, I cried in front my husband like baby that i want to go out. I had enough. He spoke to nurses and asked for help us to go out around 12 PM, they spoke to doctor and agreed. I was so happy. And went out immediately. 

I wrote this post to release my thoughts because I felt so depressed at my first week after delivering the baby. 

Just to let you know that February 26 is my husband birthday too 🙃
Thank you 


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The baby now weighs about 4 3/4 pounds (about the size of a cantaloupe) and is almost 18 inches long. Baby center app.

Hi Alll, 

How’s thinks?! Im 34 week pregnant. I feel lazy all the time and i want to sleep. Work is good but very busy no time to rest at all. 

Emotionally, i hate my self alot. I mean, im always finding myself in bad position with my husband. I keep fighting with him for small things. Whenever I’m angry my husband leaves the room so i can calm then he come back after one hour at that time I forgot all about it. But sometimes he solved it easily. All he need is ice cream and my mood change immediately and I become a happy girl. 

And what else,oh.. the hospital give me chart to count baby kicks. But my baby does not kicks alot he only moves. So i don’t know how to count it ?!! 

That all for know i think. 

C U, Xxx